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Do you find it difficult to express yourself?

Have you lost a loved one?

Have you been through a relationship breakup?

Do you have anxiety, feeling down, depressed, or mental health?

Do you want to release how you are feeling of all the emotions and what comes up for you?


A journey through the rainbow can help you to release the feelings and emotions that have been holding you back from moving forward to a more positive way of life through the release of writing.


Every feeling is an emotion, let’s look at just some of the feelings and emotions that we go through in different situations.

The loss of a loved one 

Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Lonely, Helpless, Anxiety, Heart broken into pieces, Sorrow, emptiness, Worthless, constantly crying, Heart ripped out of your chest, Questioning why, Missing them, Overwhelmed, Panic attacks, Pandora’s box,



Anxiety-Depression-Mental Health-Feeling down

Locks in the bedroom away from everyone. Sitting/laying in the dark, Not wanting to eat/talk, Anxiety attacks, Really angry, Blocking it out, Drive in the car, Overthinking, Motionless, Asking why, Covid-19, Pandora’s box. Feeling imprisoned in your mind. Isolated, lonely.




Relationship Break-up


What did I do wrong, Could I have changed something, Upset, Angry, Rejected, Guilt, Fear, Sadness, Alone, Trying to figure out where it went wrong, Unloved, Unworthy, Hopeless, Lonely, Worthless, Why, Questioning absolutely everything?

We all have different ways of how we deal with our feelings and emotions and how we work through them, know that it’s okay to have these feelings and know that it’s also okay to let those feelings go.


Releasing will make you feel happier, lighter and freer. No-one should be in pain and changing those thought patterns is going to help.

(That does not mean letting go of the loss of a loved one)


 Our situations may be different, but our stories will be the same.

Know how amazing, powerful, and important you are and be kind to yourself.  

So, are you ready to transform your life to the life that you deserve?

My intention and purpose of creating this workshop to help you connect to a place of inner peace, comfort, acceptance and healing, to release, be enlightened, empowered and feel uplifted.


I must stress that I am not a counselor or a therapist, but I have experienced the above feelings and emotions and have found a way to release them in a positive inspiring way and that’s through writing.

 As an author I know how powerful and healing the written word can be. Yes. It can bring up memories that you may not want to remember and re-live, yes it can open that pandora’s box, but if we bury those feelings and emotions it holds us back from moving forward.

My intention is to help you on the first step of your healing journey through being able to write down your feelings and emotions and working through them. Talking is always the best way to express how we feel but for those who find that challenging then writing it all down is the next best thing.


When you free yourself from your mind you can start to live from the heart!


This is what can you expect from the workshop:

Step 1: Setting the intention before you get on to the call. 

Step 2: Make sure you have a notebook and pen with you 

Step 3: Introductions 

Step 4: Grounding and protection meditation 

Step 5: Short writing exercise 

Step 6: I share with you my story 

Step 7: Heart Energy Mediation 

Step 8: Your journey begins through the rainbow 

Step 9 Discussion 

Step 10: A prayer of thanks and gratitude 

Step 11: An inspirational message for your day card reading



This workshop offers a:
One hour 1:1 online session with me


An online workshop or in the workplace for companies to help their employees release what may be holding them back. Through healing and releasing their feelings and emotions and working through things they’ll feel uplifted enabling them to reach their full potential or even a promotion



You will have achieved at least one of these things by the end of the workshop: