All About Me

The main focus of my writing is positivity – I love writing things that make people smile. Through this process, I have been extremely blessed to have found my true life’s purpose.

My ‘back of the book blurb

Jenny Ford didn’t set out to be a writer. In fact, no one was more surprised than Jenny when she finished writing her first book!

Before I became an author I had a very successful business as a mobile beauty therapist. In 2010 I was diagnosed with MS  I was forced to give up my business which took me years to build, my world was crushed it was soul-destroying sending me into a dark place of depression.  A few years later I was introduced to meditation and from that day my life completely changed and that’s when I started to connect with my angels.

Through angelic guidance, I was given my true purpose in life and that was to write words of healing, you see I believe that my MS was a gift so that I can show others that no matter what challenges we go through there is always a new path ahead, a new and better journey to begin.  I never set out to be a writer and no one was more surprised than me when I wrote my first book and I shall tell you why.

I was never an A* student at school, actually, I was very rarely at school at all, I would walk through one gate and straight out the other, school bored me to tears. I left with no GCSE’s or O’levels as they were known back in the day, something I’m not proud of. My spelling and grammar suffered a lot, it has improved massively since then but I still do find it a challenge at times so it surprised the heck out of me when I started to write books.

Look at me now, I am a published author and have written several books in multiple genres – plays, children’s books, contemporary women’s fiction and nonfiction books (guided prayers and inspirational messages) – and have also created my own merchandise.

I have received two business awards in two consecutive years 2017-2018 from The Business Community St Albans in Hertfordshire where I live in the UK. In 2018 I was nominated for a Prestigious Global Award by The Authors Academy for my fiction book Prisoner Within, and in 2019 I received a Gold Award from The Janey Loves Platinum Awards for my children’s dyslexia friendly story colouring book Joshua and the Magical Unicorn.

I am now a multi-award-winning author. If only my teachers could see me now!

What I am trying to say is no matter what background you are from, if you were rubbish at school or have no qualifications  you can do anything that your heart desires. I was given another chance to help and give healing to people but in a different way to how I helped my clients when I was a beauty therapist .


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