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Love and blessings xxx


Are you one of those people that makes new year's resolutions and never stick to them? I used to do it for years and then decided not to put that pressure on myself anymore because I knew it wouldn't last long. We all overindulge at Christmas time and new year and put those unwanted extra pounds on but 2020 was kind of an extraordinary year and speaking for myself I know I have put on more than a few extra pounds.

When we was hit with this pandemic in March 2020 and went into a national lockdown it affected us all really hard everything closed down but were allowed one hour of exercise a day outside whether that be for a walk or a run but it was hard for those who were used to going to the gym, now, I have never been a gym person myself but I did sympathise with those who are, my husband and son included, and then came along Joe Wicks who got the nation and especially the children in to exercising every morning which was a fabulous thing to do.

By the summer things improved, shops, take out restaurants, and gyms slowly started to reopen, a bit of normality returned, then a new variant of the virus hit us and more restrictions were made. Christmas arrived and was cancelled, we found ourselves in another lockdown or tier four as they are calling it and so everything closed again. As we celebrated, or not celebrated Christmas there would have been a lot more eating and drinking going on, but how much of that overindulging was due to maybe having to spend time alone, no contact with the outside world, not seeing family and friends?

There is no doubt about it that 2020 and especially Christmas would have had a massive impact on our mental health and wellbeing, but if we can try and get into the right mindset and change our thinking process then we can make a difference to our health mentally and physically.

It’s all about choices and whether we decide to make those choices. I have chosen for 2021 to take more care of my wellbeing and get into the right frame of mind by starting with dry January ,healthier eating, and what exercise I can do.

A few months ago, I bought a programme called Full Body Wellness (see the link below) designed and created by two lovely ladies Lisa Lowndes and Rebecca Adams, the program is to help improve body image, nutrition, and mindset. For a one off payment you have access for life with new content being added all the time, and did I mention there is a 52% discount until January 11th. I did this program first time around which really helped me but now that my weight has increased quite a lot due to overindulging, lack of mindset, and exercise it’s time for me to get back to a healthier lifestyle.

Why don’t you join me and make a difference to your wellbeing, because you are worth it and deserve a happier healthier life?

Love and blessings

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I guess you can say I am not a conventional writer, I don’t set myself targets or deadlines I go with the flow and let my intuition kick in. That’s how it works for me.

So, what is an intuitive? An intuitive is someone who feels what they do rather than thinking too much on a conscious level. You know that saying “Go with your gut” well that is what it is, it’s a knowing that you have and trusting in it.

These are my tips, but you will have your own way of doing things. Be inspired by what your intuition tells you!

1. Always write from the right place. As an intuitive I only write from one place and that’s my heart centre. I feel what I write and truly believe that when you write from the heart it really does show and your reader will feel it too, just like a big hug!

2. Find a space where you feel comfortable. Writing should be relaxing and enjoyable, not rushed. You can light a candle, use some essential oils in a burner, or light an incense stick. Having that creative space will set the energy.

3. I get asked a lot “How do I start writing a book, where do I begin?” My advice is just write down whatever comes to you, whether it’s a word, a sentence, or just an idea write it down, it doesn’t matter if it don’t make any sense at the time, once you unscramble it all that’s when it comes together a bit like a jigsaw puzzle it all fits into place. The main thing is to get it down on paper or on your computer.

4. Carry a notebook and pen with you in your handbag or pocket. You will find you get inspired unexpectedly and need to write it down and there’s nothing worse than having nothing to write with or on, the chances are you will probably forget what you wanted to write. Also keep a pen and notebook by your bed. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have woken up in the middle of the night with an idea or a nudge of inspiration.

5. Finally, remember there is no right way or wrong why of writing a book only your way. Yes, listen to people’s advice because you may gain some inspiration from it but at the end of the day it’s your writing, your hard work, so do it your way.

Everyone has a story to share, it’s whether you want to tell it!

Love and blessings

Jenny x

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What a year it’s been, well, it’s not even been a year yet, but shall we say the last several months have been different! We have had lockdowns, breakdowns, and meltdowns all because of a virus that has hit us like a ton of bricks. Not only has it affected our physical and mental well-being but also our communities.

It certainly has been a challenging time what with people losing their jobs and businesses having to close, what does the future have in store for us and our children? god only knows, but for now we can only look at the present time and deal with each day as it comes.

Supporting each other is important, reaching out a helping hand to the elderly and the vulnerable is so vital, supporting local shops and small businesses to help keep them going is a must, but have you noticed it takes something to happen before people do this!

When we take life for granted, we don’t always take notice of what is going on around us and we have all done it, but when we are hit with something like this pandemic that is when the helping hand comes out. I’m not saying that before all of this happened people didn’t care I’m just saying that regardless of what is going on in the world we should be there supporting each other anyway.

I know, I can hear some of you saying, “Life’s just not like that” Well, then maybe things need to change, maybe attitudes need to change. We all have choices in life and only you can make those choices. Yes, it may seem like our freedom has been taken away from us right now but It’s no hardship to help someone out who may be struggling, or doing something very simple as sending a text message or Facebook message or even making a phone call just to say “How are you today?”

Whether we see it or not community is important, we all live under the same umbrella so why not support that. When the springs break the umbrella falls but with help it can be repaired. So, go out and support your community, check on your elderly neighbor’s, socially distance of course, buy from your local shops and small businesses. Let others know that you care.

Help your community to thrive and survive.

Keep safe.

Sending you all love and blessing

Jenny x Sign up to the mailing list on our website for all the latest news and products You can follow us on Face Book

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