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3 POWERFUL Mindset Clearing Techniques

Working with mindset for the past 18yrs and having the techniques since I was a teenager has empowered me constantly over my 42 years of being on this incredible and beautiful planet.

The one thing I want you to know is that YOU are in control of ONLY the things you can control - your thoughts and then your reactions to those thoughts.

It takes a lot to realise this and be in the POWERFUL POSITION of being able to RELEASE & LET GO of stuff and emotions about situations and people that you definitely can't change.

It's empowering and quite liberating to do that too.

Over the years I'm sure you have been through quite a lot in your life - both personally and professionally - that was heartbreaking, horrendous, awful and all of those negative words.

I too, have been through my fair share but I don't dwell on anything. I work through it all with my healing process and go through it all and dive deep into my high level quantum shifting mindset techniques.

I am going to share a few of them with you in this blog post but first.....

I want to ask you a 2-part question and this will be a working exercise for you to do continuously throughout your life after reading my blog post.

What is 1 situation / person that is testing you right now? And why?

Grab a notebook and pen and write down your answer and then I want you to ask yourself each of these questions and write down the answers too;

Is it your business? Can you control it? What is a better feeling instead?

The reason why is that it can mill inside our head all the time. You can get quite stressed, angry and upset and sometimes with writing it down on paper, in our very own handwriting and seeing it in print it actually changes the way we see it and feel about it too. Try it and let me know your thoughts.


In order to help you shift from negative > positive or even to see things much clearer and more in flow with peace I have 3 of my powerful Mindset Clearing Techniques to share with you.


The music you listen to influences you and goes into your subconscious, more than you may realise. It programs you and affects your emotions, feelings and responses to things. The words make a difference too.

Have you ever been driving a car and you have a fast paced, loud tune on? Have you noticed you drive faster? I certainly have and it affects me so I know that I have to be mindful when driving what speed I'm doing but also what music I listen to.

So, with HEALING MUSIC choose healing tunes, listen to the words, listen to Hz music and really zone into the music clearing all the negative emotions and thoughts that are within you. You can make a really true positive change with listening to music that soothes and heals you. Listening to positive tunes with wonderful positive lyrics helps your subconscious have empowering thoughts which then, in turn, makes you feel better. Concentrate on your breathing as you listen to this music too and be aligned with it.

The songs you then listen to will help you to clear the negative and make room for the positive that you want to attract.

  • EFT (TAPPING) - Emotional Freedom Technique

This is one technique I have added, back in 2017, to my clearing techniques and it's one that can be done quickly, it's effective and no-one needs to know that you're doing it. It's a very popular technique and people use it for any issues they may be experiencing from money > family > jobs > business > politics > bad news. The list can go on and on.

It is psychological acupuncture as you "tap" on certain parts of your body whilst chanting and repeating certain phrases and affirmations that you need to say in respect to whatever is going on in your life at that point. I used it backstage at my Empowerment Convention IGNITE Live Event in 2019 just to calm my nerves to go out on stage.

So, think of a situation that is grinding on you right now and I want you to affirm;

Even though {insert situation/person/belief here} I deeply love, accept and forgive myself. Everything will be okay.

The sentences can be as short or as long as you like.

Then, there are different areas on the body you can "tap" on. You can youtube or google them but I'll tell you here; karate chop, top of your head, temples, in between your eyebrows, under the eyes and top of the lip, on your chin, on the bone across the top of your neck towards your shoulder. There are others but you choose what's best for you.

You can do them all in rotation or just choose one. One that I use (which can be used under the table if you're in a meeting at work, is the karate chop.

The whole idea of EFT (Tapping) is that you are "tapping out" the belief, situation, negative person out of your head and clearing it with releasing the pressure you're putting on yourself.

It really is powerful and a wonderful example of quick, easy to do and effective in no time.


Investing in and working with a mentor, like myself, is rewarding, exciting and truly amazing as it can fast-track you immensely in all areas - especially mindset.

Sometimes we are too close to our work or situation that we can't see what's stopping us from achieving or realising something that is truly sabotaging us and our life, progress, business or a mixture of all of them. By working with a mentor you can really clear your limiting beliefs, perform and accomplish amazing things and also have a true accountability partner to keep you on track, kick those negative beliefs into touch and elevate into what it is your desire and deserve.

Mentors, like me, step in to help you figure things out and undo limiting beliefs and consequences that may have been instilled in you since you were a child. Unblocking and empowering you is the end-game and it is liberating and phenomenal for people to transform through the process of this.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and my clients are loving working with me and my energy too. I change lives and I am so proud of everything that I do, submerse in and I go all in 100% so you know that by investing in yourself with working with me you're getting the best because I always show up and deliver.

Connect with me if you'd like to work with me. Email:

I am ready for you! Are YOU ready to change your life?

I look forward to hearing from you. x

Rebecca Adams

International Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor

Business Woman, Author, Speaker & much more.


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