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A Collection Of Inspirational Guided Prayers

Updated: May 8, 2020

This was the first book that I wrote, a book of forty short prayers covering a range of subjects. Why prayers? Although not a religious person this came as a complete surprise and was not making a lot of sense at the time.  Why me? I don’t pray or go to church. Not one, not two but forty prayers were Divinely Guided to me, what was going on? Go back approximately six months before then. I was going through a difficult time in my marriage and also trying to come to terms with being diagnosed with MS in 2010. A friend invited me to a meditation group she was running, several times she had invited me and several times I declined her invitation until this one particular day. Very reluctantly I agreed to go. Not being in the best of moods I arrived at her house. As you walked in It felt very peaceful and the smell of essential oils smelt so good and calming. Let’s just say that was the day that completely changed my life and how these prayers came to light. Now I had all of these prayers what was I suppose to do with them? If these prayers were a comfort to me then undoubtedly they can bring comfort to others? Most importantly it was down to me to make sure they reach a wide audience and to put them all into a book. The feedback that I have received from people has been amazing. Thanking me for bringing some peace and comfort to them whilst going through difficult times. Now I know why I  wrote them! Never underestimate the power of prayer! Love and blessing xx

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