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My Vision and Mission

Updated: May 21, 2021

When I became an author in 2015 it was the most exciting thing ever, to have that first physical copy of the book in your hands is the best feeling and then to see your books on the shelf of Waterstones and doing book signings was mind blowing to say the least.

Becoming a writer was never something that was on my wish list or on any kind of list, it wasn’t a dream to be an author I didn’t even like reading books growing up, my educational background was very poor I would walk in one gate at school and straight out the other, not something I’m proud of! I would drift from one job to another nothing that inspired or excited me until I found something that I was passionate about which was beauty.

I went to college as a mature student and sat my City and Guilds in Manicure and Pedicure and to my complete shock passed with a distinction I even called my tutor to see if they had made a mistake, for the first time in my life besides having my children I had achieved something, something to be proud of, I then went on to do many diplomas in other areas of beauty, I became a mobile beauty therapist setting up my own business which enabled me to work around the children and I must say I was good at it, I had built up a fabulous client base and became very successful at what I did until the day came when it all came crashing down on me.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with MS, to say I was devastated was an understatement my life completely changed just like that. My role as a wife, mother, and business owner became challenging I was forced to give up my business that I had worked so hard to build, I couldn’t drive anymore, I was the one that always did everything for everyone and now I had to rely on others which was so difficult for me I couldn’t even take my own children to school, my independence was taken away. I was constantly tired and then depression set in, I found myself in a very dark place which had an impact on my mental health I had no motivation, no drive, life was one big negative, all my positivity had gone.

So, what does all of this have to do with my vision and mission? Bear with me I’m coming to that part. After some years of feeling sorry for myself I knew if I was to get back up, I had to do something about it, trust me it wasn’t easy.

A friend of mine Felicia invited me along to her meditation group, as she would tell you herself I found every excuse not to go plus I didn’t understand what it was, I had only ever heard negative things about meditation, I was in a bad enough place as it was so I didn’t need anything else added to it but this one particular day I gave in. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at all, I had just had a massive argument with my husband and probably wasn’t the best time to go and try this meditation, so I thought!

Feeling uncomfortable and awkward I didn’t know what to do or expect I just wanted to get up and go but I just couldn’t move, what happened next was life changing for me.

After a complete melt down of tears and were talking Niagara Falls here it was like a light shone within me, this heavy weight I was carrying and black cloud that was hanging over me disappeared just like that. For the first time in years I felt free and acceptance of my illness, I started to focus and get my life back on track and even began to drive again in an adapted car.

After a few months of daily meditation, I connected with my Angels, yes, you heard right, Angels, my heavenly guides, it was through this connection with the angelic realm that my writing started and when I wrote my first book ‘A Collection of Inspirational Guided Prayers’, no one was more surprised than me, if you go back to the beginning of this blog you will see what I mean. Did I see angels? No, did I hear angels? No, not directly, but I did, and still do have this knowing of their presence.

I have since written several books and now a Multi Award Winning Author, if only my teachers could see me now! I finally found my true purpose in life.

Through divine guidance I intuitively know what to write and when to write, it comes naturally to me and from the one place, the only place, my Heart Centre. I have been given the tools to bring words of healing, inspiration, positivity, and comfort to share with you. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful.

My Vision

To create words that will inspire, uplift. and empower

My Mission

To make a difference to your mind, body, soul, and spirit through the written word

Love and blessing to each one of you.

Jenny xxx

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