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Trust Your Intuition

I guess you can say I am not a conventional writer, I don’t set myself targets or deadlines I go with the flow and let my intuition kick in. That’s how it works for me.

So, what is an intuitive? An intuitive is someone who feels what they do rather than thinking too much on a conscious level. You know that saying “Go with your gut” well that is what it is, it’s a knowing that you have and trusting in it.

These are my tips, but you will have your own way of doing things. Be inspired by what your intuition tells you!

1. Always write from the right place. As an intuitive I only write from one place and that’s my heart centre. I feel what I write and truly believe that when you write from the heart it really does show and your reader will feel it too, just like a big hug!

2. Find a space where you feel comfortable. Writing should be relaxing and enjoyable, not rushed. You can light a candle, use some essential oils in a burner, or light an incense stick. Having that creative space will set the energy.

3. I get asked a lot “How do I start writing a book, where do I begin?” My advice is just write down whatever comes to you, whether it’s a word, a sentence, or just an idea write it down, it doesn’t matter if it don’t make any sense at the time, once you unscramble it all that’s when it comes together a bit like a jigsaw puzzle it all fits into place. The main thing is to get it down on paper or on your computer.

4. Carry a notebook and pen with you in your handbag or pocket. You will find you get inspired unexpectedly and need to write it down and there’s nothing worse than having nothing to write with or on, the chances are you will probably forget what you wanted to write. Also keep a pen and notebook by your bed. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have woken up in the middle of the night with an idea or a nudge of inspiration.

5. Finally, remember there is no right way or wrong why of writing a book only your way. Yes, listen to people’s advice because you may gain some inspiration from it but at the end of the day it’s your writing, your hard work, so do it your way.

Everyone has a story to share, it’s whether you want to tell it!

Love and blessings

Jenny x

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