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When your children leave for university life

The house is quieter than normal, you know something is missing, no more text messages coming from upstairs saying “mum I’m hungry” Are you feeling it too?

The day that comes when your children go off to university. Some may say "peace at last", where others, like me went into mourning. I know, sounds a bit drastic right! but that is how I felt when my daughter went off to university this September maybe it’s because she is my youngest and the last to fly the nest or maybe as I am getting older the thought of my children living their own lives and being more independent makes me feel less needed. Even though my son came back home he pretty much looks after himself and my eldest daughter lives with her partner.

There have been nights where me and my husband have been laying in bed waiting for her to come home after a night out, I expect to see her car sitting outside. Are we the only one’s that have done this, felt like this? No, I know there are thousands of parents thinking the same, but I’m sure it will get easier, after all it’s only been the first week!

I know I have to unclip my daughter's wings and let her fly, let her experience life and how it is in the real world doing her own cooking and washing and being totally responsible for herself but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about her especially in this horrid covid time.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings. I know she will have an amazing time and in all honesty it will be really good for her to learn these life skills and being out of her comfort zone, after all one day she will have her own home, but mum will always be there to pick up the pieces, or dirty laundry on the floor! So hang on in there, getting through that first week has been the hardest but I know she is fine and enjoying life and that is all I can ask for. Only another three years to go! haha. Sending big hugs to all mums and dads that are experiencing this separation too.

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