Prisoner Within
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"Prisoner Within"

Nominated for a Prestigious Global Award by the Author Academy 2018 

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Reeling in heartache and pain, Amy is trapped in a world of nightmares becoming a prisoner within in her own mind,  but will Amy find that inner peace and freedom she is so desperately searching for!


Prisoner Within tells a powerfully moving story which follows Amy on her journey of heartache and pain leaving her with nightmares that she is unable to let go of. Can she forgive the one person who caused this and find the inner peace and freedom that she is so desperately searching for.


Losing the people that she cared for the most leaves Amy living in a foster home. Feeling scared and alone Amy struggles to settle into her new surroundings. How will she cope with living with strangers? Will Amy ever be happy again, will the pain ever go away.

Becoming a prisoner within her own mind Amy finds it difficult to let anyone in pushing away those that care for her except for Tara. Tara is Amy’s best friend and rock, over the years she has seen Amy go through the highs and lows and wants to help her friend get through the nightmares so that she can be free to live a life of peace and happiness.

Unable to trust anyone except for  Tara they seek help from healer Mary Beth but can she really heal Amy from her troubled past, will Amy ever be free.

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Contemporary, Inspirational Fiction

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