These divinely guided healing words of prayer are inspired to help when going through difficult times. Whatever your beliefs or religion these prayers are solely to bring a sense of peace and comfort. There is a little prayer for everyone.

This A6 size is perfect to carry in your handbag or pocket.


A Collection of  Inspirational Guided Prayers contains 40 short prayers covering a range of subjects. Health, forgiveness, confidence.  These prayers are solely to bring a sense of peace and comfort when going through difficult times. The written word can be very powerful and healing when we are feeling lost and can even lift our spirits.


This unique little prayer book has powerful, inspirational yet gentle prayers that can be read out loud or just to yourself. When we pray take time to sit and listen to the Divine Guidance that you receive. Receive the guidance with love, grace, and gratitude.


Prayer is not just for when we are going through troubled times. We pray when we are happy and have something to celebrate, a wedding, the baptism of a child. You don’t have to have any religious beliefs to pray there so no wrong way or right way to pray only your way. Where do I go to pray? That is entirely up to you, you can go to church, go to the park wherever you choose. Be in a quiet place and just let your heart lead the way.


This handy little book can be carried and taken anywhere with you, it will fit perfectly in your handbag or pocket. If just one of these prayers reaches out to you I know that what I was inspired and guided to do has been achieved.


Trust, believe, have faith and never underestimate the power of prayer!

A Collection of Inspirational Guided Prayers

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