Gabriella's Travels

Gabriella's Travels

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(PLAY THE VIDEO) The plane lands....with excitement and anticipation, Gabriella steps onto British soil, the first destination of her journey. Never having left her hometown in Positano Southern Italy before she had always dreamt of this moment.

What was in store for Gabriella on this amazing adventure!?


Gabriella’s Travels. This story follows Gabriella on her travels around some of  Europe’s finest cities. Even though the characters and the story are fiction the places that Gabriella visits are real. Follow Gabriella on her amazing, exciting and sometimes unexpected adventures!

Gabriella rossini lives with her family in a beautiful picturesque town called Positano, situated in the Campania region of Italy on the Amalfi coast where they own a small patisserie. Well, known for their delicious pastries and using only the finest ingredients passed down from generations people would come from nearby towns to purchase them.


Ever since Gabriella was a little girl she would say to her family.”When I am old enough I am going to travel all around Europe and explore all the different cultures.” Her family would laugh at her. “No Bella” papa would say “you will work here, it will all be yours one day.” But Gabriella had plans and no one was going to stop her from fulfilling the dream of her life.