Joshua and the Magical Unicorn

Joshua and the Magical Unicorn

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This story colouring book is educational, engaging and fun. It has been created to capture the imagination of all young readers. They are encouraged to write their own story by using the blank and lined pages at the back of this book, whether it be with words or pictures, to bring out their creativity.

Comes with a free bookmark


Joshua just loves unicorns! He has unicorn books, unicorn toys, unicorn ornaments; he even dreams of unicorns!


Then one day, as Joshua is reading one of his books, he drifts off into a daydream. What happens next surprises Joshua.


He can’t believe his eyes when he finds one of the unicorns from his book standing at the foot of his bed; a beautiful unicorn called Poppy. Excited to tell his best friend Lucia, who also loves unicorns, they both use their imagination and go off on a magical adventure together.