Positive Affirmations Poster

Positive Affirmations Poster

This positive affirmations poster can help children on a daily basis who may be going through challenges with lack of confidence and low self-esteem. The affirmations are words of encouragement and positivity.


When we have positive thoughts we are more likely to use positive words. See the difference this can have to your children’s wellbeing.


Encourage your children to pick a word every day and have them say this word over and over again, you can make this fun by making up a little song using that word or play a game by throwing a dice and seeing what word you land on, you may even want to cut the poster using the grid marks and making them into little cards.


The beautiful vibrant colours in themselves are very therapeutic and calming. This poster will make an added addition to any child’s bedroom or anywhere in the house.


Schools would also benefit from this poster in their classrooms. Encourage quiet time and have the children write down one of the words and then draw a colourful picture to go with that word. Talk about what they have drawn and how the positive word makes them feel.

These affirmations are not just for children, adults will also benefit from them.