Write To Release Journal & Pen

Write To Release Journal & Pen

The "Write to Release" journal has been created as an outlet to release your feelings and emotions in a safe positive way when things become overwhelming;  It is so important for our wellbeing and mental health to be able to feel free to release those feelings.


Using your voice is the best way to talk about what you may be going through but for those who find that challenging the next best thing is to write it down.


The written word can be very powerful and empowering especially when it is your written words, and  can also be very healing; No one should ever feel afraid to release the things that no longer serves them.


Always be kind to yourself and know that you are enough.


Love and blessings

Jenny x


Comes with a free "Write to Release" pen

The Journal contains 215 pages, including affirmations, gratitude list, mindfulness colouring, and a creative space to draw, doodle, stick pictures in and use as a vision board.