Write To Release Through Angelic Guidance

Write To Release Through Angelic Guidance



  • Do you want to write a book, blog post, article, or do you simply want to start journaling but feel blocked and unable to start?
  • Are you open to spiritual guidance with your writing?
  • Are you a frustrated writer, have you half-finished manuscripts or blogs and you need some support and countability to get them finished?


Through angelic guidance, I was given my true purpose in life and that was to write words of healing, you see, I believe that my MS is a gift so that I can show others that no matter what challenges we go through there is always a new path ahead, a new and better journey to begin. 


I have created this workshop to help guide you on your writing journey, to connect with your angels, your higher self and to your heart centre.  Wether it’s a book you want to write, a blog post, an article or just journaling, by writing from the right place (your heart centre) and listening to the words of love this will flow with grace and ease. 


If you are open to spiritual guidance and want to release those blocks that have been holding you back then I can help you. If I can achieve all of this then so can you!


This is what you can expect from the workshop:



Step 1:  Make sure you have a pen and notebook


Step 2: How to prepare and cleanse your space to set the energy and intention.


Step 3: Introductions


Step 4: Grounding and protection meditation.


Step 5: A short writing exercise.


Step 6: I share my story with you.


Step 7: Connecting to your heart energy meditation. 


Step 8: Connecting to your angels and higher self meditation.

  • (This is where your writing journey begins).


Step 9:Time to reflect.


Step 10: A prayer of thanks and gratitude. 


Step 11: An inspiration message for your day card reading.