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Write to Release 



Have you ever found yourself grappling with the perplexing nature of emotions, leaving you feeling trapped and unable to move forward?

Welcome to Write to Release, a transformative and practical tool designed to support positive thoughts and emotional healing through the power of expressive writing.

Whether you seek solace in times of grief, healing from toxic relationships, seeking fulfilment in your career, nurturing your mental well-being, or fostering a loving home life, Write to Release is here to guide you on this profound journey.

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Writing is a powerful tool that can help us find solutions to our problems and focus our minds

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We use writing in our daily lives, whether it's putting pen to paper or typing on a computer. However, when it comes to expressing our feelings and emotions, it can be challenging.


We often feel pressure to talk about our emotions, but writing provides an alternative way to release what's in our hearts. It may seem scary to confront our inner thoughts and pain on paper, but it can also be incredibly healing.


Avoiding our feelings and burying them deep inside can have a lasting impact on our well-being. By letting go of the past through writing, we can free ourselves from the weight of unresolved emotions and pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling future. Writing allows us to process and release what's inside, leading us towards a path of emotional healing and personal growth.



Imagine a volcano...

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...Imagine your emotions as a volcano. When triggered, they start to bubble, and the lava rises, building pressure until it finally explodes with a BOOM. Similarly, when we cling to unexpressed thoughts and feelings, we risk an emotional eruption that may not yield positive outcomes. Let's learn to release and manage our emotions effectively, preventing any unnecessary eruptions in our lives.

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The Power of Positive Thinking Can Help Improve Your Family life, Health, Career, And Moods.

If voicing your emotions verbally feels challenging, consider putting pen to paper.


Releasing those unwanted thoughts and feelings through writing can be a liberating and empowering experience. Embrace the therapeutic power of expressive writing to find clarity and emotional release.


Although I may not hold the title of a doctor, psychiatrist, or phycologist, I deeply understand the healing power that comes from freeing ourselves from tormenting thoughts and emotions that reside within us.

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Every Thought Gives Birth To A Feeling. Every Feeling Sparks An Emotion. Every Emotion Drives Our Reactions And Behavious

For instance, workplace bullying presents a significant problem, leaving a profound impact on your mental health and overall well-being. Many employees and colleagues may find themselves trapped in fear, hesitant to speak up due to the risk of job loss or worsening the situation. Consequently, they suffer in silence, which is an unacceptable circumstance that no one should ever endure - neither at work nor at home. There can be no excuse for such behaviour.







Life can often feel like a balancing act, trying to manage various responsibilities, relationships, and emotional challenges. From the weight of grief and overwhelming emotions to the burden of financial worries, it's no wonder that we can feel like steam is coming out of our ears from the sheer pressure. The constant juggling of these demands can lead to feelings of anger and frustration, impacting our mental health and well-being.

In the midst of these challenges, it becomes crucial to prioritise our own well-being and mental health. When we neglect our emotional needs, it can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and a sense of overwhelm. This is where the power of expressive writing comes into play.


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It is scientifically proven that writing can help us to heal

Scientifically proven, writing possesses the magical ability to aid in our healing process. Its benefits extend to both physical and emotional realms.

Embracing the power of expressive writing not only fortifies the immune system but also lowers blood pressure, reduce stress, and alleviates anxiety. Moreover, it serves as a valuable tool in regulating emotions and managing our feelings.

Throughout history, some of the world's most esteemed writers have turned to the written word as a means of confronting their inner demons. Now, you too can harness the therapeutic potential of writing to navigate your own journey of healing and growth.

Whether in a group session or one to one setting

This is your opportunity to release all that has emotionally held you back. Rest assured, what you write will remain private, granting you the freedom to be completely honest and open, embracing your journey of healing without judgment or inhibition.

Healing comes from making peace with the past and taking charge of your life

Healing emanates from finding peace with our past and reclaiming control of our lives. Unhappiness often arises from the burden of negative thoughts and unresolved pain lingering in our minds. Therefore, it is crucial to release and let go, allowing for a peaceful state of mind. This doesn't imply letting go of cherished memories or our departed loved ones.

When we achieve a peaceful mind, our heart follows suit, aligning with the intention of this workshop - to guide you to that place of tranquility. I can provide you with the tools and techniques, but the results lie in your hands. It's your journey to embark upon, and I'll be here to support you every step of the way.

Welcome to the workshop! Here's what you can expect ...

Confidentiality: Your privacy is paramount, ensuring a safe space for you to share.

Breathing Exercise & Meditation: Start with a short session to release stress and anxieties.

Personal Space & Privacy: All sessions held via Zoom, in the comfort of your private environment.

Group or One-to-One Sessions: Choose the setting that suits you best.

Empowering Release: Your written words will be destroyed during the session, freeing you from any worries or exposure. This is your private journey of letting go.

Transformative Outcome: By the workshop's end, you can experience any of the following:

Calmness, Relief, Clarity, Release, Uplifted, Free, Enlightened, Empowered, Acceptance & Healing, Lighter, Feeling completely Different, At Peace, Weight Lifted Off Your Shoulders, and Focused.


Join us for this empowering workshop and discover the path to emotional healing and transformation.


Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

Discover How Writing Became My saviour

No one truly comprehends the adversities and challenges we face unless they have endured them themselves. Like you, I've encountered countless curveballs in life.

 Emotional trauma, physical and mental verbal abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, loss, lonliness, and ill health - these thoughts weighed me down, leaving me feeling trapped. But I found a way that worked for me, and I believe it can work for you too - writing.

As an author, I understand the incredible power and empowerment that comes from putting words on paper, especially when they are your own. That's precisely why I crafted this workshop - to provide you with a safe space to release and express your feelings.

Your mental health and well-being are of utmost importance, and so are you. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey through the art of expressive writing. You have the power to heal and create a life filled with purpose, joy, and emotional well-being.

Write to Release has empowered countless individuals to express themselves authentically through the written word, enabling them to regain control over their thoughts and emotions. Through this transformative process, participants have experienced enhanced mental well-being, greater happiness, and newfound strength. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and emotional healing, and unlock the potential within you to live a fulfilled and empowered life.

What people are saying...

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Thank you Jenny for a wonderful workshop ‘write to release’. It felt like a big weight had
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Discover The Benefits Of Expressive Writing

  • Identify Emotions and Experiences: Through writing, you can uncover and understand your deepest emotions and experiences.

  • Heightened Awareness: Expressive writing allows you to recognise and become more conscious of your emotions and experiences.

  • Authentic Self-Expression: Find your voice and authentically express yourself through the power of writing.

  • Foster Good Mental Health: Embrace the healing potential of writing to nurture your mental-well-being.

  • Boost Self-Esteem: Writing helps build self-esteem, empowering you to embrace your true worth.

  • Coping with Trauma: Use writing as a tool to navigate through and heal from challenging experiences.

  • Emotion Support: Writing provides a safe space to freely express your feelings and emotions.

  • Scientifically Proven Healing: Scientific research backs the healing benefits of writing.

  • Strengthening Immune System: Expressive writing can fortify your immune system.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure: Enjoy the potential of reduced blood pressure through writing.

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Writing aids in diminishing stress and anxiety levels.

  • Overall Wellbeing: Experience an improved sense of overall well-being.

  • Personal Empowerment: Empower yourself through the transformative journey of expressive writing.

"The Write to Release  workshop and materials are intended for personal growth and self-discovery. They do not replace medical or mental health professional services. If you require expert assistance or counselling, please seek the help of a qualified professional. Engaging in expressive writing exercises may bring up strong emotions. Your participation is voluntary, and you are responsible for your well-being and any outcomes resulting from your engagement during and after the workshop."



We're committed to providing you with a safe and transformative space. If you agree to the terms of this disclaimer, we look forward to having you with us. However, if any part of the disclaimer doesn't resonate with you, we respect your decision not to engage in the workshop activities.

Don't let your thoughts and feelings torment you any longer!

Set yourself free and let them go.

Take charge of your life with
- Write to Release 

Are you ready for positive change? Let's begin

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