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Write to Release
Expressive writing


A Healing Journey Through Words for Those Affected by Cancer

Welcome to "Write to Release" The expressive writing program specifically designed for individuals affected by cancer. Whether you are a patient, survivor, or caregiver, this workshop offers a compassionate and supportive environment where you can explore and express your emotions through writing. Our goal is to help you navigate the emotional complexities of your journey with cancer, using the therapeutic power of writing to foster healing and resilience.


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Receiving the news "You have cancer" is a moment etched in memory forever.

I recall the shock of my own diagnosis with anal cancer vividly – it was an overwhelming experience. Regardless of the type of cancer one faces, it often ushers in a wave of uncertainty about the future and the daunting question of how to navigate through it all. Yet, amidst this turbulence, I discovered a path that not only aided me but can also offer solace to you.


Processing such devastating news takes time. While we may not control the changes happening within our bodies, we do hold power over the thoughts racing through our minds. Though your emotions are undoubtedly valid, they can sometimes become our greatest adversaries. Nurturing good mental health is paramount, and so are you.

Managing the emotional toll of fear, uncertainty, and trauma can prove challenging, often presenting mental hurdles we've never encountered. So, how do we ease this burden? One approach is to document your journey comprehensively – from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.


As both an author and a journal therapist, I've witnessed the transformative power of the written word first-hand. Your own words possess a unique potency, serving as a conduit for expression when verbalising thoughts and feelings feels daunting. Writing, whether in fiction or non-fiction, has long been my passion, proving to be profoundly cathartic. From this passion emerged "Write to Release" – a therapeutic tool crafted to aid in your personal growth and healing journey.


In the wake of my cancer diagnosis, this endeavour has taken on a deeper significance. My aim is to guide you in unburdening the weight of thoughts and emotions that have burdened your mind and heart.


Here, in a safe and judgment-free space, you can freely express yourself, acknowledging and embracing your diagnosis rather than denying it.

Together, we foster a positive mindset to navigate each day with resilience and hope.

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Welcome to the workshop!

Here's what you can expect ...

- Confidentiality: Your privacy is paramount, ensuring a safe and secure space for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

- Emotional Connection: Build meaningful connections with others who understand your journey, fostering a sense of community and support.

- Breathing Exercises & Meditations: Participate in guided breathing exercises and meditations designed to promote relaxation and mindfulness.

- Convenient Online Sessions: Join our sessions via Zoom, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home.

Transformative Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, you may experience a range of positive outcomes, including:

- Calmness and relief
- Greater clarity and emotional release
- Feeling uplifted and empowered
- A sense of freedom and lightness
- Enlightenment and acceptance
- Healing and inner peace
- A new perspective and improved focus
- A weight lifted off your shoulders

Join us for this empowering workshop and embark on a journey to emotional healing and transformation through the power of expressive writing.

If you are a cancer charity or organisation I would love to hear from you.

Please read the disclaimer before proceeding.

Are you ready for positive change? Let's begin.


16 Nov 2024, 11:30 – 12:45
Virtual Event

"The Write to Release  workshop and materials are intended for personal growth and self-discovery. They do not replace medical or mental health professional services. If you require expert assistance or counselling, please seek the help of a qualified professional. Engaging in expressive writing exercises may bring up strong emotions. Your participation is voluntary, and you are responsible for your well-being and any outcomes resulting from your engagement during and after the workshop."



We're committed to providing you with a safe and transformative space. If you agree to the terms of this disclaimer, we look forward to having you with us. However, if any part of the disclaimer doesn't resonate with you, we respect your decision not to engage in the workshop activities.

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