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Do you want to write a book, blog post, article, or do you simply want to start journaling but feel blocked and unable to start?

Are you open to spiritual guidance with your writing?

Are you a frustrated writer, have you half-finished manuscripts or blogs and you need some support and accountability to get them finished?


I’d love to invite you to my online workshop on intuitive Angelic writing. I work with my Angels and will help guide you to connect to your Higher Self and the Angelic Realm, to help you release all the blocks that have been holding you back allowing your creativity to flow. I share with you how it happened for me and how it has opened my life which has led me to achieve extraordinary things.



Before I became an author, I had a very successful business as a mobile beauty therapist. In 2010 I was diagnosed with MS; my world was crushed sending me into a dark place of depression. For health and safety reasons to myself and my clients I was forced to give up my business which took me years to build, it was soul-destroying. It wasn’t until a few years later I was introduced to meditation and from that day my life completely changed and that’s when I started to connect with my angels.




Through angelic guidance, I was given my true purpose in life and that was to write words of healing, you see, I believe that my MS is a gift so that I can show others that no matter what challenges we go through there is always a new path ahead, a new and better journey to begin.  I never set out to be a writer and no one was more surprised than me when I wrote my first book and I shall tell you why.


I was never an A* student at school I was very rarely at school at all, I would walk through one gate and straight out the other, school bored me to tears. I left with no GCSE’s or O’levels as they were known back in the day, something I’m not proud of but that is how it was then. My spelling and grammar suffered a lot, it has improved massively since but I still do find it a challenge at times so it surprised the heck out of me when I started to write books.


Look at me now, I am a multi- award -winning published author, I have written several books in multiple genres – plays, children’s books, contemporary women’s fiction and nonfiction books (guided prayers and inspirational messages) – and have also created my own merchandise.


I have received two business awards in two consecutive years 2017-2018 from The Business Community St Albans in Hertfordshire where I live in the UK. In 2018 I was nominated for a Prestigious Global Award by The Authors Academy for my fiction book Prisoner Within, and in 2019 I received a Gold Award from The Janey Loves Platinum Awards for my children’s dyslexia friendly story colouring book Joshua and the Magical Unicorn. If only my teachers could see me now!


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I don't take any of this for granted, I feel very blessed and grateful to have been given the gift of writing so I can help and inspire others, but no matter what background you come from, if you were rubbish at school, have no qualifications, or any writing experience like me you can still achieve whatever your heart desires.



My angels were the inspiration for ‘Write to Release’. Through their guidance I created this workshop so others can experience this wonderful connection too. It all starts with you, a creative space, loving energy and a pen.

Writing can also be a powerful tool for healing. I discovered after I wrote my first book just how much healing had taken place within me and my soul – writing literally turned my life around.


These workshops are for anyone who is open to spiritual guidance with their writing even if it’s a simple letter, but who can’t find the right words or who don’t know where to start. Through Angelic Guidance, your Angels will help you to open your heart, allowing the words to flow.

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This is what you can expect from the workshop:

Step 1:  Make sure you have a pen and notebook


Step 2: How to prepare and cleanse your space to set the energy and intention.


Step 3: Introductions


Step 4: Grounding and protection meditation.


Step 5: A short writing exercise.


Step 6: I share my story with you.


Step 7: Connecting to your heart energy meditation. 


Step 8: Connecting to your angels and higher self.

(This is where your writing journey begins).


Step 9: Time to reflect.


Step 10: A prayer of thanks and gratitude. 


Step 11: An inspiration message for your day card reading.

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