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From Adversity To Opportunities

When I wrote my first book A Collection of Inspirational Guided Prayers back in 2014 and published in 2015 I never knew how much my life would change. Let me explain.

Before I became an author I had a very successful career as a mobile beauty therapist, it was my passion and I loved helping people to feel good about themselves. I even took on the role as an agony aunt which I never had a problem with, if I could help anyone in any way that made them feel good then I was still doing my job, just in a different way. Some of my elderly clients would make an appointment just so they had someone to talk to, I may have been the only person they had seen that week. To be honest they were my favoutite clients, I know I shouldn't say that but they were. I could see and feel their loneliness, and just by giving them a gentle hand massage and a listening ear I knew that I had made a difference, and this I did for free. It was also a time that I became a voluntary community therapist for an hospice, again just the gentle touch of a hand was all that they needed.

In 2010 a bombshell was dropped on me, I found out I had MS and had to give up my business that I had worked so hard for and also having to step back from my role at the hospice that I loved working with for three years. I was the one now feeling depressed and lonely. What was I going to do?

In late 2013 I went along to a friends meditation session. Not being in the best frame of mind I really didn't know what to expect. Well, all I can say is, that was the day that things completely changed for me, I guess you could say I had a spiritual awakening, I started to refocus on my life and that is when I was introduced to writing by my divine guides. This is another story in itself which I will tell some other time. After writing my first book and doing a book signing in Waterstones (pictured above) I was invited on to my local community radio station Radio Verulam to be interviewed, I had also just finished writing my first fiction. Feeling nervous was an understatement. That interview is something I will never forget. The lovely presenter and now my dear friend Diana Garrett could obviously see something in me that I couldn't. The next thing I knew I was doing the radio presenters training and became her Co Presenter for the next three years, the best three years of my life. I am so blessed and grateful to Diana for believing in me and showing me that there is more to life when you least expect it.

From being a beauty therapist and having one on one sessions with my clients, to one on one sessions as a community therapist, and going solo writing books, radio presenting was way out of my comfort zone. I was never a public speaker I found that too intimidating and here I was speaking to thousands of people, ok, they couldn't see me but I still found it quiet scary. Being part of that team gave me such confidence in myself and I met the most amazing people which led me to other things. So, you see, from adversity came opportunities, opportunities that I would never have dreamed of and a way that I could still help others but just through different channels.

Never give up, and when an opportunity comes your way, take it because you never know where that will lead! Love and blessings Jenny xxx


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