My Little Book of Positivity

My Little Book of Positivity

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This A6 size Little Book of Positivity contains 24 positive quotes that you can carry around with you for when a little inspiration is needed. Place in your handbag or pocket and know that there will be that one quote that will lift your spirits wherever you go.


My Little Book of Positivity is solely to uplift your spirits and bring inspiration to you on a daily basis or when needed.

When we have positive thoughts the more likely we are to speak with positive words. Staying positive on a daily basis can be beneficial not only for our mind but also our body and spirit. It is all about self-care, not just the physical but also mentally. Take time out for yourself, time to relax and time to reflect.

These positive quotes will not only help you but can benefit others. Through your positive words, they will lift the spirit of people around you encouraging them to have positive thoughts and to speak with positive words.


The more positivity that we have in our lives the more joy, happiness, and love we can share. And let us not forget gratitude,  we all have something to be grateful for no matter how small. When we have gratitude we have everything.


Always be thankful for what you receive. Show respect to each other, and kindness, be true to yourself. When you are authentic you shine from the heart.


What are you thankful and grateful for?