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Prisoner Within Nominated for a Prestigious Global Award 2018

Updated: May 8, 2020

Trapped in a world of nightmares and adversity Prisoner Within tells the story of an ordinary woman on her journey desperately searching for inner peace. This fiction story has something special about it, a message that will bring much healing.

Written through divine guidance and inspiration I have been given the tools to write this story to help release the one thing that holds people back and it is my duty to get the message out into the world. So what is this message?

‘Forgiveness’ Yes you heard right, forgiving is probably one of the hardest things for people to do. When we feel hurt, feel angry, pain, resentment, or even hatred we tend to hold on to this but does it really make us feel any better? Some would say yes, why should I forgive, my life has been ruined, I am heartbroken, everything has been taken away from me. When we hold on to those feelings it eats away in our mind and prevents us from really moving on.

Forgiving is not to say that what that person did is right it simply means that we choose to no longer hold on to it. Once we learn to let go and turn that key which opens the door to freedom, freedom from the prison within our mind we will also feel that lift from our heart. Search deep within yourself and answer the question do I really want to live my life holding on to what has already been done or do I want to move on feeling happier and stronger?

A lot of people will resonate with Amy the character in this book as we see all the emotions that she goes through, your situation may not be the same but your story will be!

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